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Minimal but Powerful

Beauter is tiny ~6KB compressed, so faster. While still packed with all the required elements.

Rapid Development

Beauter is based on BOL, an experimental Design Methodology which makes Beauter easy to mix match.

Cross Browser Responsive

Beauter is a mobile first, responsive and modifies most of the default styles to guarantee same behavior everywhere.

Open Source ♥

Beauter is available under MIT License which allows you to use, modify and contribute as you want for Free.

Easy to use

Write HTML as you think...

To make myBar, a snackbar which is brown in color, looks like a box and has a shadow effect, which says Looks Cool!.
Then a button that when onclick, showsnackbar myBar, saying Click Here!

<div id="myBar" class="snackbar _brown _box _shadow">
    Looks cool!

<button onclick="showsnackbar('myBar')">Click Here!</button>
Looks cool!

Get Beauter

You can download beauter directly from github here.

Or, you can other options:

Install as package
npm install @outboxcraft/beauter
bower install beauter

Get Involved

Your contribution can make beauter more beautiful. Visit Github to collaborate. Check out this guide to get start contributing your nice ideas.

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