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About Beauter

Beauter is a lightweight Web Designing framework developed with a focus on being ready to use and universal. It's great for rapidly setting up your small projects, and is easy to customize. It is very plain and have small foot print, ideal for reducing loading times, while also adding responsive capabilities, and modern components.


Beauter initially was a set of stylesheets for the various websites by Outboxcraft. But was improved in a way that a single stylesheet can easily be integrated and customised with other projects. Hence the stylesheet got an identity as Beauter.


Beauter was initially started by Shubham Ramdeo, he acts as the main maintainer of the project under Outboxcraft Labs. Also being contributed by the lovely opensource community.


Beauter will remain under development and experiments until version 1.0 comes out. Current versions are for testing purposes and will go through a lot of changes over time.

The Future

Beauter is being standardized and after that, templates and training materials will also be launched to provide professional services.

So stay connected :)

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