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Notes are very simple text boxes. They are basic and similar to alert boxes or bloquoute but are useful for emphasizing a particular information.

Simply adds a border with a background div

base class

Using modifiers like _primary, _success, _shadow, _box etc will further shape and alter the design of the alert boxes. Learn more here.


The static alert boxes

A simple static fixed alert box.

<p class="note">
A simple note.

A mixed up note

You can use div tag to control note as a block.

This seem a bit more different isn't it?
And then you can add extra things
  • Even extra listings

<div class="note _bc-success _f-pink _nightblue _shadow">This seem a bit more different isn't it?<br>
And then you can add extra <code>things</code>
<ul><li>Even extra listings</li></ul>

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